Our document storage service is the perfect way to free up valuable office space and still maintain quick, easy and reliable access to all your documents. Your documents are held at our modern purpose built facility providing a dry, safe and secure environment. We are able to cater to all forms of document archiving, from HR and accountancy files to medical records or Wills and Deeds.

We also offer a tailor made solution to print stock storage and management. Regardless of which storage option you require, all items received into our storage facility are logged onto our database, which holds details of the precise location and retrieval status of each document.

Document Storage Services

Document Storage 

Our document storage service offers an efficient and reliable solution to the problem of everyday build-up of documents in your offices. 

One of our experienced members of staff will collect your documents directly from your offices and transport them back to our secure storage facility in our own vehicles. 

Documents are registered onto our custom-built database and assigned a specific location code. All clients have their own shelf location. Once a shelf is opened, it is allocated to individual clients only and is not mixed with any other boxes. 

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Fire Proof Storage

For particularly high value items such as will’s, deed’s, E.P.A’s, medical records or data recovery tapes, our fireproof storage option is the perfect choice for you.

Your sensitive documents are stored in our individually locked fire retardant safes for total peace of mind.

The safes are rated to provide protection from temperatures of up to 986˚C (1,807˚F) for one hour. Each drawer measures 660mm x 380mm  x 260mm.

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Print Stock Storage


We can maintain all aspects of your stock control and management, including purchasing, goods in, order tracking, shipping and reordering.

Our services are designed to meet your specific requirements, we create bespoke solutions to your stock control needs.

Our systems can anticipate demand with projected stock requirements and inventory forecasting. This will create an alert when restocking is needed, ensuring that inventory is always up to date and accurate. All lead and delivery times are accounted for, meaning you will always have sufficient items for distribution.

All movements are fully accounted for and our clear, in depth reporting takes the guess work out of order tracking.  

A high definition image of all stock lines is taken to easily identify stock items and maintain version control.

With over 20 years’ experience, we are the experts at storing, distributing and managing your marketing and sales materials, including flyers, catalogues, display stands, leaflets and all exhibition or point of sale materials.

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