Whether disposing of a batch of archiving that has reached the end of its retention period, or doing a one off clear out of your offices, our secure destruction services will ensure that all of your confidential material is disposed in a secure and environmentally friendly way, protecting your companies data and keeping in line with the latest legislation.

Secure Document Destruction

Document and Paper Shredding Services

When the time comes to destroy your documents, our secure and confidential destruction service is designed to make the disposal of your sensitive data as simple and secure a process as possible. Our reporting service can keep a track of your archiving retention periods, enabling us to notify you when documents are up for a review. 

Compliant with the latest data protection legislations and certified to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, you can rest easy knowing that your documents are disposed of in an approved and secure destruction method.

Its good for the environment too, with the shredding process separating out materials and bailing the paper to be turned into pulp for use with recycled paper products.

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